What ViM Means to Me

By Wendy Ackinclose  |  Participant  |  Voices in Motion

I was born from a musical womb and was soon dancing, singing and playing piano. Because many songs were/are in keys above my range I developed an ear for harmony so I could sing along – into my curling iron until graduating to microphones on stage. I remember well hitting The 4 Seasons top note in Rag Doll in the basement and coming home from Glee Club playing tunes on the piano while singing alto.

A few years back I came to a ViM concert that music friend Elise was singing in. I enjoyed what I heard and saw and decided I’d like to join. Erica’s way of teaching keeps each part engaged while she goes over all parts, and the song recordings of each part are easy to follow and learn from.

What ViM Means to Me

One of the closest people in my life changed because of dementia. I had never felt that depth of pain and helplessness before. I could see they knew reality but couldn’t do anything about it. I am still in awe of how cheerfully and bravely they accepted their limitations after living such a vibrant and talented life. I’m not sure that I would be that brave and I hope I never have to. Being part of ViM means less worry about my future health since I am an orphan.

NOTE: Wendy is an unbelievable promoter of Voices in Motion. She invited 18 guests to our December concert and four of her friends joined ViM the following choir season!