What ViM Means to Me

By Geraldine Meagher |  Participant  |  Voices in Motion

When I joined Voices in Motion in January 2020 as a “friend” of the choir, I found what I was looking for – a welcoming group of people singing in beautiful harmony together – and no audition requirement! Our Artistic Director, Erica, provides helpful techniques and positive feedback so you can learn about the language of singing at the same time as creating a beautiful choral sound.

Shortly after joining ViM, the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic and choir practices were held on Zoom. Although this technology has some challenges for choirs it did allow us to continue meeting and practicing in the safety of our own homes. It also brought in voices from across the province and the country – who knew? The compilation of our voices on Zoom recordings was another delightful accomplishment (check us out on YouTube).

ViM’s “Getting to Know You” sessions are particularly unique in my experience. Often in a choir you just get to know the other people in your section who are sitting beside you. Voices in Motion offers the opportunity to share and/or hear the stories of choristers in a congenial interview style, again on Zoom.

After about 18 months of Zoom, I now look forward to in-person choir rehearsals again! We have begun singing together (vaccinated, masked and socially distanced as required) and we have a schedule of upcoming concerts. This season will be my first concert with my fellow ViM choristers!!

I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing – William James