We’re more than a choir. We’re family.

By Andrea Warner  |  Choir Participant

I was excited when I heard about the Voices in Motion Choir as it brought together my love of music and my volunteer work, which involved creating individualized iPod playlists for seniors with dementia.

I was seeing how music could carry people back in time and bring back memories, or just bring happiness with beautiful melodies—it was a very satisfying pleasure indeed.

Starting from the first choir rehearsals, I have been moved by the warmth, friendliness, positivity and humour expressed by all, from conductor Erica, from the students who were involved, through to the oldest choir members in their 90’s. While music is my hobby, my background is with piano, violin and trumpet…no singing!!

Despite that lack of experience, with Erica’s coaching, the recordings, and the support of my section, I’m actually singing now!

The word ‘family’ has been used a lot in relation to this choir, and I feel it is used very appropriately…the choir provides a great sense of belonging and the camaraderie of the weekly rehearsals is something to look forward to. I have been involved in different VIM choirs, and find similar vibes in all. While we do lots of singing, there is also dedicated time for visiting and it is a great pleasure to get to know fellow choristers.

We come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but are united by the desire to support one another in our current journeys through the joy of sharing music. I feel lucky to be a part of it.