Voices in Motion choristers serenade local little free library

As published in the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network   |  Voices in Motion

A recent blog in the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network website post about our choir.

On February 22, 2023, the Voices in Motion Choral Society and Greater Victoria Placemaking Network launched region-wide distribution of I Remember, a book by student author Priscila Kumar that focuses on the power of singing and what it can do for those dealing with dementia.

“This heartwarming story opens up dialogue about the isolation and stigma of dementia while offering an example of how we can change things for the better,” says Barbara McLean, ViM Board President. “I Remember gently shares Margaret’s sense of despair from not remembering the past and how through singing, her memories return with a heightened sense of joy and belonging.”

“The experience Margaret has of remembering is one that ViM choir members often experience as they share stories about the songs they are learning and about their lives,” says choir member Andrea Warner. “They rediscover who they are when the focus is not on the losses that come with dementia but rather on the strengths that remain– that allow them to laugh, sing, and develop friendships with one another in a safe and caring community choir.”

Teale Phelps Bondaroff, Pocket Places Project Lead, Greater Victoria Placemaking Network, and I Remember student author Priscila Kumar.

“Our region has the highest documented density of little free libraries in the country, with over 670 of these little book boxes across the CRD,” says Teale Phelps Bondaroff, volunteer lead of the GVPN’s Pocket Places Project. “Little free libraries are a fantastic way to share books and also vital information to members of the community and I’m always excited when they can help support and promote local authors and share beautiful stories.”


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