The Story Behind the ViM T-shirt Artwork

By Al & Pat Pearce  | Caregiver & Participant | Voices in Motion

We would like to introduce our official ViM T-shirt to you with artwork by Al, one of our choristers.

Here’s the story behind the artwork, written by Pat, Al’s wife and care partner:

I’d like you to see something special that has come out of our isolation due to COVID-19.

In the early days of this journey it was really tough around here. Just like everyone else, we found ourselves a little lost. It was especially hard on “Albie” (Al). Everything that he looked forward to in the way of activities – to help him remain active – was gone.

The inactivity worsened his dementia and his whole outlook on life. I was having my own difficulties dealing with this new reality and struggled to find activities to keep him interested in life. One day I had to go out with my granddaughter for a while and I wrote a message on the whiteboard we use to let him know what I am doing or where I am. When I returned home, he had taken the whiteboard and proudly decided to add to it and decorate it. The whole thing was covered in permanent ink! After my initial shock, I realized this was an opportunity to turn “lemons into lemonade”! I found some Crayola markers that I had around for the grandkids, got some plain paper and asked him if he would like to do some more. He said he could only do it if there was something written on the paper, if there was text. Thus Al’s Gallery was born!

This has changed so much for him and for me. He is so proud to show off his new pieces of art and is always delighted to start a new one. It keeps his brain active and I believe it’s helping with his tremor in his right hand. In fact, he uses the tremor to his advantage!  Sometimes life slowing down provides the opportunity to look carefully at what is right in front of you and to realize how very fortunate you are. We are so thankful.


the artist creating the artwork for the VIM tshirt