I Remember:

The evolution of Priscila Kumar’s book into a school curriculum

One of our mandates is to educate people about dementia and help break down the stigma that exists around the disease.

We have a wonderful children’s book written by teenage author and illustrator, Priscila Kumar. I Remember helps teachers and parents educate children about dementia. In a narrative format, the story sheds light on what it means for people (like grandparents, relatives, neighbors or family friends) to live with dementia and the benefits that can be experienced through singing together.

The book is a wonderful educational tool that includes ten questions and conversation starters about dementia with downloadable answers. An excellent tool for educators, these questions can be used to help reinforce the important message in the book.

Why not donate a few books to the school libraries in your area? And why not bring one to your local public library, a doctor’s office, dentist, hospital, or any location where there is a waiting room and children might need something to read?

We invite you as a member of our community to participate in breaking down the stigma of dementia and taking part in helping create a dementia-friendly society.

Go to our online store and purchase your copies of I Remember and contribute to breaking down stigma in your community with this wonderful resource.