Testimonials from our VIM family

What our choristers, friends, students and community are saying about Voices in Motion.

Everyone in the world should be singing. This is a safe place for people with dementia. If you want to live a long life you should sing every day.



I sang in VIM as a caregiver for my husband and then as a volunteer after he died. VIM became a heartwarming support group!


Niki, volunteer

Generations we can learn so much from one another and that is what this choir does. It bonds us. With ViM you have another family.


Krysteena, high school student

As a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer’s, Voices in Motion has been an enormous source of connection for me. I don’t feel so alone anymore. Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoy the singing, companionship, our director Erica, and yes, the cookies. Watching other people with dementia normalized my own experience as a caregiver. The choir brings us both so much joy.


Susan-Rose and Bram, duet

I am a partner of a participant with dementia – the choir has brought an excitement, anticipation and pure joy to her life – so important as we all struggle with this journey. It is such a critical thing to have a joyful, accepting environment in our life.



I see this choir as a lifeline! My partner and I have been on this dementia journey for over a year now. I see her becoming more isolated as her world and her involvement in it diminishes. The choir is one thing she looks forward to – the singing and the socialization. She feels comfortable with this group.



We met Erica, Rick, and many other wonderful new friends – to replace the ones we lost when Frank was diagnosed with dementia! The choir quickly became our new circle of friends. Thank you!



Meeting others dealing with Alzheimer’s allowed us to recognize we are not alone and could see others coping in ways we identified with.


Garry and Adele, duet

Singing has brought my mom back to me. She sings spontaneously – her eyes lighting up with joy as the music connects her to the past and memories long forgotten.



Singing in this choir reminds me that I matter. The choir gave me a real sense of purpose as a caregiver.