Our Online Choir Experience

By Jörg and Tish Stangl  |  Board Member & Participant  |  Voices in Motion

As a lifelong chorister, Tish benefits immensely from the opportunity to rekindle her passion for singing. There is something very powerful that occurs when words and music and people come together. Even when this occurs with zoom technology in an on-line format. While we first joined the on-line Voices in Motion choir during the COVID pandemic we continue to participate online as it is very easy and convenient (and we aren’t lucky enough to live in beautiful Victoria). Erica and Rick create such a warm and welcoming environment. It’s remarkable how Erica is able to see when we need to run through sections of the music again, or is able to point out how to sing certain words to achieve a better sound. Although I personally was never a chorister it was easy for me to participate and support Tish from the comfort of our own home (and with the benefits of zoom mute). While Tish is a soprano she struggles to follow some of the musical harmonies and direction and will sing the alto or bass parts, but again this is ok in an online format. Tish thoroughly enjoys the online choir sessions and her mood is greatly improved after a rehearsal. As a care partner it feels great to support her in this, and now I’m enjoying the singing too!