Introducing our Voices in Motion Intergenerational Bursary Program

One of the things that makes Voices in Motion unique is our commitment to recruit and welcome young people into our choir. We are an intergenerational choral group.

If you want to change the world, it makes sense to include the next generation of leaders and influencers. Our research is clear that the inclusion of young people in a dementia-friendly choir has helped break down stigma around the disease, and it has spurred these young people on to share their experience with others.

Stigma represents one of the biggest barriers to living with dignity following a dementia diagnosis. According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, almost half of Canadians would not want others to know if they had dementia for fear of stigmatization. As a consequence, many experience social isolation.

Introducing our Voices in Motion Intergenerational Bursary Program

Our bursary program honors the commitment of these young people who attend Voices in Motion throughout their grade 11 and 12 years. Participation in weekly choir rehearsals, community building activities, research and a written paper at the end of their experience are all part of the bursary program. We have seen the wonderful results of young people coming alongside people with dementia and developing a mutually significant and caring relationship.

Want to hear more from our students themselves? Check out this video as well as the interview from our first bursary recipient, Thien Tran.

Donations to Voices in Motion help us encourage and provide the bursary that supports these young people in their post-secondary endeavors.