I Wish You Could Have Been Here

By Rick Bergh   |  Executive Director  |  Voices in Motion

What a privilege and blessing it is to sing with Voices in Motion. I personally sing with all three of the community, in-person choirs as well as with the online choir. I can’t get enough of singing with others.

Deep friendships and community define who we are – all because we come together and sing.

Our researchers have found that singing together offers greater benefits for people’s health and happiness than singing by oneself. We have witnessed this firsthand at ViM and I know I can speak to this personally as well.

computer screen showing zoom meeting for sing along

I wish you could be here to experience what happens when we sing. I have been told by those with dementia and their partners that it breathes life into their week – it’s an hour that lets them forget about some of the uncertainties of the future and introduces joy into life. It’s one hour to let the music do its magic, offering much-needed laughter and love in what can at times feel like an isolating and uncertain road ahead.

If you ever visit Victoria, please let us know. Why not come and enjoy a rehearsal and experience the joy of singing together? The door is always open!

The Big Sing – What a great monthly event!

Once a month, we bring together all the choristers who are available from all the ViM choirs to rehearse and socialize.

During COVID restrictions, many of these choristers sang together via the Zoom online choir, so they know each other – but only virtually as they are all from different ViM choirs. The Big Sing allows them to get together and share music and life once a month on a Sunday afternoon.

There is nothing more important than community and being together with people who are on a similar journey, where stories, challenges and wisdom can be shared.

And music! And fun!