Bring a Choir to Your Community

Voices in Motion is a non-profit society that offers choral singing as an alternative approach for those experiencing memory loss and includes caregivers, friends and students. We can help you bring a ViM choir to your community.

Voices In Motion Training Program

Our training course is currently being developed. We will offer both a 2-day live training event as well as an online training course. To be notified of its launch, click here to subscribe to our mailing list.

The topics covered in both our online training and live events come from our experience and research. Here is a list of what you will learn:

  • how to implement the 6 Keys of a Voices in Motion choir
  • about the benefits of choral singing for those with memory loss
  • about the science behind the research
  • about dementia and its impact on caregivers
  • how to assist families with the grief that accompanies dementia
  • how to share the benefits with healthcare providers
  • how to approach community partners for financial support
  • how to market the choir in your community
  • about the rehearsal techniques that are well-suited to people with dementia
  • how to mitigate aggressive behaviour in a rehearsal
  • rehearsal practices that best suit people with dementia
  • how to choose repertoire that is best suited for people with dementia
  • the role of movement and challenging the brain
  • the art of story-telling questions before, during and after rehearsals
  • how to structure your organization for ongoing sustainability
  • how to attract students and teach empathy
  • how to help the younger generation become comfortable engaging people with dementia

I see this choir as a lifeline! My partner and I have been on this dementia journey for over a year now. I see her becoming more isolated as her world and her involvement in it diminishes. The choir is one thing she looks forward to – the singing and the socialization. She feels comfortable with this group.


We realize that many of you are doing wonderful work using music as a tool to engage those with dementia.

We would love to hear from you and invite you to engage each other in our private VIM online community, facilitated by Voices in Motion’s Artistic Director, Erica Phare-Bergh. Contact her for more information.

If you would like to be under the Voices in Motion banner and contribute to the movement through research or by starting up a VIM choir, please contact us.

For more information about certification and training, please use sign up below. 

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