Voice in Motion Guiding Principles

Our Six Ivory Keys

Many families and friends are touched deeply by dementia as they try to discern how best to support their loved one or friend as the disease progresses. Voices in Motion offers something completely different and highly effective in helping these families.


An innovative research program ensures that Voices in Motion remains a cutting-edge program that offers opportunities for choristers to contribute to science and our understanding of the impact of music on the brain. Voices in Motion offers hope to people living with dementia by providing non-pharmacological approaches that support quality of life and well-being.


Each choir is multigenerational – comprised of children, teens, young adults as well as older adults – which helps foster a caring and supportive community for all ages. As the singers engage in each other’s stories, cross-generational empathy is created which leads to genuine connection and understanding from youngest to oldest.


At Voices in Motion, education unfolds naturally and intentionally. The young people in the choir learn about dementia as awareness and understanding develops with the older adults which in turn de-stigmatizes the disease. The choir provides a safe and inclusive environment that fosters awareness of dementia as only one aspect of the individual and this insight is crucial to developing dementia-friendly communities.


Voices in Motion Choirs are directed by professionally-trained choral conductors. Our singers develop new vocal skills, extend their range, increase their breath support and develop musicality. They proudly showcase their accomplishments in public concerts each season, making dementia visible and showing that all the choristers contribute equally to the music. The benefits of music for the brain are well documented. Participating in our choir is a superstimulus that taps into parts of the brain that may not be affected by memory loss.


Our choir is a community that offers opportunities for social connection outside of rehearsals, inviting friendships to be formed and lived beyond the ViM choral experience. Through BBQs, potlucks, lectures, the Walk for Alzheimer’s and just plain hanging out, members of the choir get to know and support one another.


We are passionate about the power of choral singing and its benefits for people of all ages. Our health care system has limited resources for persons living with dementia and choirs offer the social support that families need. Participating in a choir is a meaningful and joyful activity that offers a wide range of health and wellness benefits that improve physical (e.g. respiratory) and psycho-social health (e.g. reduced depression, decreased social isolation). We believe that Voices in Motion has a critical (and creative) role to play alongside the existing healthcare system to help foster dementia-friendly activities and communities.