An Artful Farewell Gift for Erica & Rick

Painting by Elfrida Schragen  |  Supporter  |  Voices in Motion

Words cannot express how much we will miss Erica and Rick when they leave Victoria in June 2022. Their hard work, dedication and artistic vision has shaped Voices in Motion to become one of our community’s most unique organizations.

To recognize their contributions, the ViM Board of Directors has received special permission from artist Elfrida Schragen to gift her latest artwork to Erica and Rick as a going-away present. The work entitled Here Comes the Sun came about when Elfrida learned of ViM’s activities. She wanted to donate an original piece of art that would evoke the vision of the choir and raise money for its operations. With inspiration from Erica, Rick and a variety of ViM choristers, she used the theme of sunshine to create Here Comes the Sun.

While it was intended to be raffled at our final concert in May, we learned how much Erica and Rick love the finished work and we asked Elfrida if we could collect contributions from our ViM family and make it a going-away present instead with all monies raised going to ViM. We are so grateful that Elfrida agreed. We will present them this gift at our final concert introducing the amazing artist Elfrida Schragen.

If you would like to contribute towards their gift, please donate through: