About Voices In Motion

In September 2017, four departments at the University of Victoria (Nursing, Psychology, Sociology and Music) joined forces in a study to research the effects of participating in a choir on those with dementia. Spearheaded by Dr. Debra Sheets, founder and researcher, Voices in Motion is a multigenerational choir that offers an effective non-pharmacological approach with surprising benefits for all who socially sing together.

Stigma represents one of the biggest barriers to living with dignity following dementia diagnosis. Why is this of concern? Social isolation is linked to elevated stress hormones and inflammation—well-known risk factors for numerous diseases and death.

In addition to a joy-filled choral experience, all participants in a Voices in Motion choir benefit from belonging to a supportive community where they experience love, connection and support. These life-giving moments of music foster increased socialization, cognitive function, meaningfulness, and a multigenerational appreciation of others.


Participation in social singing draws upon emotional and procedural brain systems unaffected by dementia.

Participation in the choir results in:

  • significant improvement in the recall of details from long-term memory.
  • memory gains for those with dementia and caregivers in particular.
  • reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression for both the person with dementia and family members.
  • reduced sense of stigma for those with dementia (which is known to cause isolation).
  • increased socialization and sense of belonging.
  • promotes empathy and acceptance between the generations – adults and students.


It’s a challenging time in all our lives, the various transitions, the emotions that arise, the planning, maneuvering the system. Talking with others who are going through the same thing is incredibly enriching and useful. And it’s just plain fun!


Voices in motion is more than a choir. We’re family.

When you join a VIM Choir, you join a community of highly supportive people. While we love to sing together, we also connect in more personal ways.

Please view our gallery below to see our family in action.

Discover the benefits

The research team from the University of Victoria share their findings on the benefits of choral singing & why a multigenerational choir is important.


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Sing with a Voices in Motion Choir through weekly rehearsals and public concerts – you’ll journey alongside those with memory loss and find a supportive and caring community.